With a bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism from the prestigious University of Missouri’s School of Journalism, Michael Rawlings has won numerous awards for newspaper photography since his career began in 1978.

He moved to Vail in 1984 and for seven years was the photojournalist for the Vail Trail newspaper. Serving as the sole photographer for every newspaper he has worked has provided Michael with a variety of photographic experiences. He has shot fashion, interiors, sports, portrait as well as breaking news.

Michael began his freelance career in 1991, and finds that no matter what the photography request – an all-day wedding, a 200-person group photo, or an interior for a brochure selling a $2 million dollar home, Michael Rawlings has the experience, creativity and equipment to satisfy the wishes of every client.

Voted “Vail’s Best Photographer” by the Vail Daily newspaper readers’ poll.

November 19, 2017: Vail Daily – Documenting Vail Valley lives for more than three decades